Iron Wolf Forge

Iron Wolf Forge is a blacksmith shop that specializes in reproductions of historical pieces, teaches classes, and researches and documents historical pieces to widen the general knowledge of smithing though the ages.

Iron Wolf Forge creates historically accurate weapons and armor as well as  fantasy blades that are based on weights and dynamics of historic swords. Our knives run the gamut from historical to utility, with a few fancy ones thrown in for good measure.  Iron Wolf Forge can also create pieces from historically accurate materials,  including smelting our own iron.

“If it can be made from metal and it abides by the laws of physics, we can do it”

is not just a tag line for Iron Wolf Forge. Products range from simple things like mugs, camping silver wear and gear to the fabrication of a designer’s invention. Iron Wolf Forge has designed original and historically accurate architectural and home decor such as chandeliers, swords, gates, hinges, latch, rails, lights, lanterns, beds, tables, chair, swing, tripod, candlesticks, stairs, fireplace, hooks, hangers, pot rack, towel bar, towel hanger, plant hanger, plant stand, trellis, boot scraper, sconce, handmade nails…